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    Each survivor is on their own unique path and My Final Say works to embrace and meet each survivor wherever they are in their healing process. Due to the diversity of experiences of My Final Say participants, we encourage every survivor, activist and supporter to respect that resolution, peace and justice are as unique to each situation as the participant. We utilize storytelling, artistic expression, writing and dialogue to help ease the process. 



    My Final Say is devoted to building and maintaining a community that engenders dignity for all. My Final Say was founded with the expressed purpose of organizing for workplace respect, as such; respect is a value we remain deeply devoted to throughout our work, advocacy and interaction with one another. 



    Part of improving our workplaces is also to improve the communities that these places of business operate. In order for our communities to invest in employees it is vital that we actively work to improve our communities. In order to create change, we must collectively problem solve, organize and lead. Engaging our neighbors, fellow business members and friends is necessary for our work. Whether in the small towns across America, bustling cities of Germany or medinas of Morocco, change happens when we work with those we trust, love and work with. 



Building Power

    The nature of workplace violence and intimidation seeks to take power from survivors. My Final Say meets this challenge head on by uniting workers, allies and community members to claim the respect and dignity we deserve. We build power by educating, sharing best practices and advocating for resources and policies to make a lasting impact on the lives of every worker. Restoring and building power is essential to the work of My Final Say. We have power when we collaborate to advocate for fair policies, safer workplaces and a community that respects all.  



    The success of My Final Say and workplace organizing relies on our ability to connect with one another. Through sharing our stories and breaking down the silence around harassment, we are able to help ourselves heal and impact our communities. My Final Say serves as a platform to connect survivors from across the world and provide a place to collaborate and unite. 



   My Final Say advocates for the physical, emotional and personal safety of every worker. My Final Say maintains an inclusive dialogue about how to protect workers. Workplace safety is a basic human right and My Final Say will always advocate to maintain and preserve this right. 



My Final Say respects participants and supporters from all sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender identities, faith traditions, languages, generations, abilities and backgrounds. Our diversity is our strength and each workplace should reflect mutual respect and dignity regardless of the characteristics that make us different. My Final Say is working to elevate the stories of those that have been silenced and pushed to the margins of society. These stories help us better understand, empathize and organize to support one another in our struggle for dignity. 

Core Values

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