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At MFS we care about artistic and personal expression as a process for healing. To get started, send us and email, share your experience on social media & follow our page at the links below.


Do you want to tell YOUR story? Here is how you can share:

  • Choose any size board you prefer to write your story. We suggest choosing a board around 30x20 inches so you have enough writing space and so your words are legible.

  • The board is to be used on both sides. On the front, write what your harasser/assaulter said or did. On the other side, write your final say on the incident. This is your chance to say what you couldn't say at the time. LET IT OUT! This is your chance to have YOUR final say.

  • Snap a picture of yourself holding your board. One of the front side the other of the backside. You can post these as two separate posts OR you could edit them side by side. 

So, now you are probably wondering, "How do I share my story to MFS and others?" The answer is simple:

  • When posting your photo on social, simply use the hashtag #myfinalsay and tell us your story! This is a chance for you to let go of past experiences and connect with a community of survivors. You can also send us an email with your picture and story and we will do the rest.

You can email us at

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